Fall: The Time for Wedding and Business Related Printing

by Administrator20. October 2016 13:15

The transition from summer to fall is a big time for digital printing.  Did you happen to get married this past summer?  Now that it’s coming to an end, it’s time to send out all of those thank you cards you have been meaning to send out!  Fortunately for you, Deerfield Digital has state of the art printers to help you print your thank you notes.  We even have graphic designers to assist in bringing the thank you cards, or whatever else you’d like to print into fruition.

Wedding Invitations and Thank You Notes

Perhaps you didn’t get married this summer, but are in the process of planning a wedding now.  Of course, planning a wedding is a big undertaking; wouldn’t it be helpful if you could take care of your invitations all under one roof?  We can create and print right here at Deerfield.

Business Marketing Materials

Along with invitations and thank you notes, now is the perfect time to get ahead and revamp marketing strategies for 2017.  Perhaps your business is releasing a new product, re-branding or a big announcement is on the way.   We’ve helped a variety of businesses with new brochures, flyers, posters, banners, business cards and more.  We have a few examples on our websites home page, and we’d be happy to show you more upon request.

Experienced Printing Professionals

Fall brings change to the trees, the weather and business.  At Deerfield we embrace that change and do our best to get people the materials they’ve envisioned.  We’ve been doing this for over 30 years, making the process a breeze for anyone we work with.  To get more information on everything we do and all of our different printing services take a look at our website and contact us!

Colorful Printed Materials


Spring Printing-Business Cards and Portfolios

by Administrator30. March 2016 12:18

With spring comes graduations and with graduations comes hiring season.  It’s approaching quickly, making it the perfect time to get your business cards printed, print an exceptional resume or create and bind a portfolio of your work.  All of your hard work should be exemplified through great prints, that's what we do best.

When someone is looking for the right printing service there are generally search criteria that must be met.  First and foremost quality is of the utmost importance. Next, it’s important to recognize capabilities a company has.  At Deerfield Digital we have the experience and examples to prove our quality, and the equipment to meet your needs.  You can see a few images on our home page through the previous link or request examples directly from us!

For business cards, our graphic designers can customize them to your liking or you can design them yourself and upload them straight to our website.  We enjoy working with clients to find a solution that best showcases their individual personality and talents. 

We also offer services to print large quantities of pictures and graphics. We can put together packages to print up variety of sizes and medias, and even help you put together or bind prints for a unique and creative photo book or portfolio!

Our goal here at Deerfield Digital is to provide the best quality prints possible and we can achieve that with our outstanding printers and staff. We stand by our experienced team and want to deliver 100% customer satisfaction.  If you have some ideas in mind you’d like to discuss, or would like to set up an order, give us a call!



What Our Printing Company Does | Deerfield Digital

by Administrator16. March 2015 11:57

When thinking of a printing company, it seems pretty self-explanatory right? You would think that they can print items for you.  What many people don’t realize is the variety of occasions a printer can create for, and the variety of items they are able to create.  Deerfield Digital exhibits this through our several offerings that range from large format printing, to business cards design and print services.


The best way to explain what we do is through a real example that you may end up using.  Let’s take Easter for example.  Holidays often times generate gatherings or parties, and a real party needs invitations rather than a text message or email.  We have graphic designers that can work with you to create the perfect invitation.  Many people are familiar with photoshop and can therefore create their own invitations.  That’s great! You can upload your file directly to your website, and we’ll print it


Another example is offset printing.  It’s a little bit less conventional, but gives you an idea of the range of capabilities Deerfield offers.  We have a 17” A.B. Dick printer and a 40” Heidelberg that allows us to print small or large quantities of the highest quality, and we even offer bindery and finishing services for your special project.  Whether you’re making a scrapbook, photo book, or portfolio, we offer a complete package of services to professionally complete your work.

If you’re having an Easter party or need some detailed work done, we know that it is a representation of you.  This is why we have always held our services to the highest standard.  If you have a specific printing project in mind that you’d like us to do, get in touch with us or leave a comment below.  We’re excited to bring another idea to life!


Banner Printing | Deerfield Digital

by Administrator15. August 2014 12:10

Get Your Image Out There With a Digitally Printed Banner

Printing has come a long way from the earliest days of removable type printing presses. Now of course, computers and digital printing programs make producing high-quality images a simple matter of uploading a computer file clicking the print button. However, special projects, such as banner printing or large-scale commercial project require a little more expertise and purpose-built hardware.

Better Banner Printing

Deerfield Digital is experienced with all types of special printing needs, including making banners that display your message clearly and attractively. A large part of the success of your printed materials depends on the choices you make in terms of the image itself. Consider some of the following tips and tricks to getting your banner to look just right:

·         When in doubt, simplify – Whoever first said “less is more” was brilliant. An overcrowded banner is difficult if not impossible to read. If your banner has too many colors or lots of fine text, your target audience may pass it by without a second glance.

·         Do not hesitate to be bold – It is effective to choose a primary phrase or word and bold it or make it pop in another interesting way. This allows people to understand the general idea of your message with just a glance. If the phrase is short enough, you may want bold all the text.

·         Consider the elements – Many businesses create special banners for sales or events, but they may not anticipate how much damage the sun, rain, and wind can do to their beautiful new banners. If you are planning on displaying outside, choose to print on a durable material, and always tie it down securely.

Trust the Experts

If you are stuck with a printed product that you are dissatisfied with, consider hiring Deerfield Digital’s professional graphic designers to perfect your banner. We are ready to help with banner printing, digital design, and all your other commercial printing requests. Contact our office or visit our Cincinnati location to have your questions answered and your projects completed. 


Wedding Invitations | Deerfield Digital

by Administrator23. July 2014 10:22

Biggest Mistakes on Wedding Invitations That Actually Happen

Wedding invitations can appear deceptively simple. However, these small cards can make or break your wedding. Take the stress out wedding planning by avoiding some of the top mistakes on wedding invitations that actually happen.

Save the Wrong Date

Everything needs to match up. Be sure that the 6th is a Friday, not a Saturday. Asking guests to save the wrong date can do more harm than cause a huge headache. Guests often spend ample money on travel reservations, and guests have to ask employers for time off. Avoid throngs of angry guests by double checking the date. Ask a trusted friend or wedding planner to double-check. Two pairs of eyes tend to be better than one.

Figure Out the Last Name Conundrum

Currently, many couples do different things with their last names. Figure out whether or not you plan on changing your last name, combining both last names, or keeping your last name before you print a few hundred invitations. When in doubt, play it safe and go with the groom’s current last name. No one wants a removed relative to wonder who Mr. and Mrs. Newlastnames are and discard the wedding invitation by mistake.

Ordering the Invitations From the Wrong Place

Most people don’t give the printing company they order wedding invitations from a lot of thought. However, the wrong printing company can spell D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R. It is important to find a company that has a solid reputation and offers swift turnaround times. Also, it is very helpful to be able to contact the printing company with any questions. Planning a wedding is difficult enough. Work with a company you can trust to get the job done right the first time.

Let the Pros Handle Wedding Invitations

Trust our experts at Deerfield Digital Printing to handle the invitations without incident. Enjoy the fun aspects of wedding planning like cake tasting and shopping with friends. Avoid top mistakes by trusting the right printing company and checking simple things twice. 


Quality Brochures and AIDA | Deerfield Digital

by Administrator3. June 2014 14:48

Following the AIDA Philosophy

Your company brochure is the bait that you use to land new customers. Those hoping to land the best new customers must use the best bait. The first step in developing a quality brochure for your company is, of course, choosing to have your brochures printed by a professional commercial printing company, like us here at Deerfield Digital Printing. But choosing the right brochure printing company is only the first step of the process; filling your brochure with quality content is up to you.

What is AIDA?

You know your company inside and out. Now it’s up to you to describe it to potential customers in a brief, concise snippet that not only highlights your business model, but piques their interest to want to know more. Quality brochures typically follow the philosophy of AIDA: Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.

·         Attention: You grab a customer’s attention with captivating visuals displayed with remarkable color and clarity. This is where your selection of brochure printing companies pays off the most, and why you should make Deerfield Digital Printing that selection.

·         Interest: Once you’ve earned their attention, you must now earn their interest. Think of whatever problem in their lives that your company will best help them to solve, and then hint at your ability to fix that problem.

·         Desire: It may be easy to grab a customer’s attention and even to generate a general interest, but if you can’t create within him or her the desire to want to work with you in the limited space that you have available in your brochure, you have little hope of earning his or her business. Thus, remember to include only the most important aspects of your business model in the brochure, and to clearly state how those aspects will benefit customers.

·         Action: Don’t leave customers hanging at the end of your brochure. Call them to action by inviting them to call and make an appointment, visit your website, or stop by your offices.


By providing terrific content from which we can help you build an effective brochure, you guarantee that your material will be effective in luring in new clients and customers. When you trust us to be your brochure printing company, you’re also ensured of having the most beautiful brochures in your respective field. You’ll see the results in the number of new customers who follow the instructions in your brochures straight to your doors. 


What Is Digital Printing? | Deerfield Digital

by Administrator22. April 2014 15:28

How Can Your Business Benefit From It?

Digital printing is the process of transferring digital images directly to printed surfaces. Unlike older methods such as offset printing, this technology eliminates the need for creating plates and other additional steps. Our experts at Deerfield Digital Printing can print high-quality marketing materials for your business at a lower price than traditional offset printing jobs. Decreased cost is just one of the many advantages of choosing digital printing. Other benefits include easy personalization, print on demand service, photo retouching, and quick turnaround times.

Personalize Your Marketing Materials

If you want to send out personalized mailings to customers, you can use your database files to create special materials that suit each customer’s needs. Names, addresses, local information, regional offers, and other details can be printed directly from your existing records. There’s no need to set up new plates every time you change the data.

Print on Demand

You may not know how many copies of a form or mailing you will require in the future. With digital printing, you can print on demand, requesting new copies as you need them. Fast production times give you the exact inventory you need for your current marketing campaign. Print on demand technology is perfect for many materials, including the following:


  • Direct mail postcards
  • Sales brochures
  • Promotional print items
  • Personalized mailings


Retouch Your Images

When you print directly from digital photos to paper and other media, you have the opportunity to retouch your images before they go into print. Our professional color correction services will make your photos look their very best.

Enjoy Quick Turnaround

Because digital printing does not involve plates, it is quicker to set up than traditional offset printing. Your design can go from digital file to completed brochure in just hours. Event signage and banner advertising can be produced efficiently for special occasions.

Learn more here

Would you like to experience the advantages of modern digital printing? Get in touch with our team at Deerfield Digital Printing. You can call us at 513-662-2225 or email us at info@deerfielddigital.com for more information.


Digital Printing in Cincinnati | Deerfield Digital

by Administrator31. March 2014 12:38

Deerfield Digital Printing is committed to meeting today's printing demand for a fast turn-around time and competitive pricing. We offer many digital printing services, including full color digital printing, highlighting amazing quality that is market ready. We’re so confident in our abilities to produce high quality digital prints that we would like to invite you to compare the costs of digital print versus offset printing. We want to ensure that our clients get only the best value for their money. Our digital printing suits many of your projects and jobs, big and small included. Using our wide range of digital printing services is the perfect way to customize your marketing needs.

We provide:

  • High quality digital prints in full color
  • Cost-effective solutions to offset printing
  • Prints up to 13” x 19” in size
  • Paper handling up to 130# cover weight 
  • Coated and uncoated media
  • Fast services
  • Binding services (such as trimming, die-cutting and folding)
  • Finishing services such as laminating

Remember, digital printing services refers to methods of press-printing from a digital-based image directly onto a variety of media. It usually refers to professional printing where small jobs from desktop publishing and other digital prints are done using wide or large format and high-volume laser or inkjet printers. The digital printing price is usually offset because when you print digitally you avoid the cost of all the technical steps required to make printing plates.

Learn more here


All of Your Digital Printing Needs | Deerfield Digital

by Administrator13. December 2013 14:45

While there are many reasons you should consider Deerfield Digital Printing for all your graphic design and media production needs, we thought we could highlight the top reasons to choose us your go-to design and media creation company.

        1.      You can come alive with color with us. We use state-of-the-art multi-color (digital color) production tools that many of our competitors do not have the liberty of using. We also offer high-quality black and white digital creations via black and white printing presses, and the skills to make the design stand out. Whether you’re looking for multi-color variety or black-and-white sleek, we’ve got you covered, and can lend our expertise to which might be the best to utilize for your individual project.

       2.      Our graphic designers can create any number of media and related materials for you. In the past we’ve designed brochures, large-format banners, flyers, wide-format posters, business cards, invitations, forms, and more. If you have a need for another type of media or material, let us know. We’ll rise to the occasion.

       3.      We offer personal service quick turn-around with high-speed machines. Our graphic designers can work within a timeframe that works. Deerfield Digital strives to provide each and every customer with top of the line graphic design and experienced, individualized service.

       4.      Deerfield Digital offers offset printing expertise, too. We have a broad range of services related to offset printing (sometimes referred to as lithography printing or indirect printing) and related techniques. Offset printing is demonstrated by pressing or printing media on a flat surface using plates, and transferring it to an offset plate which is then chemically treated so only the image areas will accept ink.

       5.      We offer not only top quality media and prints, but excellent service. We offer complete printing service production, from the start of your project to the finish. If you have any questions or would like to contact us, feel free to call 513.662.2225.  Visit our site for more information here